Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Seven things that inspire me

Sandra Eterovic tagged me in this lovely cyber-parlour game – inviting people to reveal seven things about themselves.  I’ve thought of seven things that feed my soul.

Silence no television, no radio, no telephone, just listening.  When I’m feeling stressed or tense it is often because there is too much noise.  My particular dislike is of multiple sound sources in the same space – tv / radio / talking – and when it stops I feel instantly calmer.

Cloudsfor looking at and contemplating, lying on the ground and gazing upwards and just thinking.

Water – for looking at and being in and listening to.

Spaces – open spaces, enclosed spaces, hidden spaces, curious spaces; the sound of spaces and the memories held by spaces.

Old things – pre-owned, lived in, well loved, forgotten about; the patina and palimpsest of age.

(Asylum 1994 by James Casabere) 

Other People's Art – how other people distil their ideas into reality; a painting, a sculpture, an installation, a piece of music.

People – my friends, my family, my partner, my children.  People who create things/ make things/ do things/ write about things and people who have ideas. People I have known and people that I wish I had known.

Dear Reader - Please feel free to carry on the game and post your own 'seven things'.  (And let me know so I can read them!)