Saturday, January 1, 2011

here's to new horizons

Ahh... Another New Year.  There is something quite nice about waking up in a new year but I don't tend to go overboard with new year's resolutions and the like.  Nevertheless, it is a good chance to at least reflect on the year that's gone by and the one that's about to unfold.  Many people we know have had a not-very-good year. We've come out reasonably unscathed and for that I am grateful.  When the future seems a little uncertain it is easy to put things off until things become more stable and secure - the result being that things never get done.  So I've decided that my 'thing' for 2011 will be to do things when they need doing - like celebrating each special thing and not waiting for something BIG as an excuse.    Go on that lunch date today and have a glass of bubbly while you're at it.  Buy that thing that you've been wanting to get for ages but think you can't really justify.  Arrange that holiday weekend even if you think it's too much of an indulgence.  If it makes you happy NOW it is worth it.  Often even the little, simple, happy-making things can be skipped over  and overlooked and put off.  A year goes by so quickly and there are so many missed opportunities to be happy and savour the moment.  Break open the champagne now, I say.

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