Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My New Best Friends

As the scarcity of my blog posts demonstrates, I am not one to write/blog unless I have something to say. But something has come into my life which I feel the need to write about.  Chickens.  I LOVE CHICKENS.  I feel incredibly grateful to these funny creatures for pushing out a valiant egg-a-day each in the middle of a Melbourne winter.  I thank them personally every morning.  As do our children.  And they love the chickens too.  I would also like to thank our chickens for distracting our kids from their iPods / iPads / TV, for teaching them where their food comes from, for entertaining them, for cheering them up when they're miserable, for the invaluable life lessons that chicken rearing teaches us. If you love and care for small feathery creatures and feed them and clear out their poo-ey chicken coop and feed them some more, they pay you back in eggs, garden fertiliser, and endless hours of soothing chookie noises and amusing antics.  What's not to like.

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